Our Community

Baxter Residents

In accepting a place at Baxter College, you will be joining over 200 other residents, academic staff, and their families who make Baxter their home. Collegians at Baxter come from all walks of life, including country New South Wales, interstate and overseas.

Baxter College fosters the pursuit of all-round excellence, whether on the sporting field, theatre, or academic arena. At the same time, Baxter College prides itself for its social events and facilitating social interaction within a safe environment. It is the close, often life-long friendships that form, and strong sense of spirit and group identity in this home away from home that set Baxter life apart from any other university living arrangement. College living represents a very important part of university life and will help shape and form who you are in the years to come; the educational and social skills learnt, along with the close associations forged will prove invaluable in years to come.

Baxter Sport Girls

Baxter College has much to offer to its residents. Whether you enjoy cricket, rugby, netball, pool, acting, playing an instrument or a leisurely chat with friends, you will find that Baxter has all this and more. The key to your successful integration into college life depends on how much you involve yourself and contribute to the community.