Philip Baxter College

Established in 1966 Philip Baxter College is named after UNSW's first Vice-Chancellor who laid the ground work for the university to become the world class institution it is today. It is the largest of the Kensington Colleges and housed 211 student residents and 7 resident academic staff. It is the youngest of the 3 colleges and during the redevelopment the original Baxter College facility acted as the official home of the three Kensington Colleges. Baxter has always prided itself on the ability to provide something to a diverse range of people because of its large numbers.

On the sporting field Baxter has prided itself as a formidable force and many an inter-college rivalry has formed. In 2010, Baxter College held both the male and female Inter-College Sports Shields. The college is divided into 7 floors and multiple floors with between 28 and 33 residents on each floor. The layout of the college means that residents form close knit relationships within their floor as well as with the rest of the college.

There are a number of nights that remembered by past residents of Baxter, 'Baxter Under the Stars' - a variety show, the 'Floor Competition' - and a variety of non-competitive activities are available to all residents, the Baxter Play, a Hunter Valley winery tour and the annual Baxter Ball which uses the talents of the college community to come together and organise a memorable occasion for all and the highlight of the college calendar.