Our Colleges

Welcome to the website of The Kensington Colleges (TKC), the first residential Colleges established at UNSW, and the only Colleges owned and managed by the University. We comprise Basser College, opened in 1959; Goldstein College, opened in 1964; and Phillip Baxter College, opened in 1966. Each College accommodates both men and women, with all meals provided in the Colleges Dining Hall throughout the academic year.

The three colleges have been a much loved home away from home for generations of UNSW students. Within the grounds of the University of New South Wales (UNSW) the Colleges occupy a unique place in the history of the University and are held in great affection by over 9000 students who have occupied the study rooms, corridors and common rooms since 1959.

While each College has its own unique story and character they all foster a close-knit student community centred on academic excellence. The ethos of the Colleges requires that residents act responsibly in their participation in all aspects of college life, and with sensitivity, tolerance, co-operation and civility towards each other. This expectation is consistent with a community that seeks to work collaboratively in the management of its affairs.

In 2012, The Kensington Colleges undertook a 2 year project to redevelop the existing site and put in its place new buildings that would house the existing 3 colleges as well as 2 new colleges. During this period Basser, Baxter and Goldstein Colleges will be housed in the Phillip Baxter buildings and will continue to encourage the communities and activities that make each of the colleges unique.

For further information please refer to the TKC Redevelopment page, which will be updated with the current progress of the development.