Supporting Your Studies

The Goldstein College community prizes the academic success of its members and provides support to help each resident realize his/her potential as a student. This support arises informally out of the naturally occurring network of student peers working in the same subject areas. It also occurs formally at several levels because of the presence in the College of people appointed for the purpose.

Peer Support

Evidence suggests that the best academic support comes from peers. There will almost certainly be other people doing the same course as you, if not in Basser itself, then in Baxter and Goldstein. Residents are encouraged and enabled to form networks and study groups, within Basser and across TKC.

I.T. Support

Much UNSW teaching now takes place on-line. Assistance with IT is available from the Computing Directors appointed by the House Committee and, of course, from other residents, many of whom are highly skilled in this area.

The internet connection in your room will allow you to communicate with your friends, tutors and lecturers, and give you free internal access to the teaching resources placed on-line by your lecturers. It also connects with the learning resources of other universities and all the materials available on the web.

Other Learning Facilities

The UNSW Library and the Learning Centre are both only a short walk (about 100 metres) from the College.