Goldstein Social

Goldstein residents are social creatures! The college social director (along with cultural, ball and sport directors) is responsible for fostering a community environment where all residents involve themselves in a wide variety of social activities that cater for all tastes and preferences. Major events include the Goldstein Ball held in first session, the Valedictory Dinner in second session and a series of formal dinners. The year is also filled with other, less formal events, such as:

  • Dress-up and theme nights, such as 'famous couples' and murder-mystery nights
  • The Ruth Wheen Cup, which is a Kensington Colleges competition that includes events appealing to those more cerebrally (e.g. chess and debating) or culturally (e.g. mural and music) inclined
  • Jam Nights, which provides those with an artistic or musical bent to show off their talents
  • College book and film club get togethers
  • The Goldstein Cup, which is a good-spirited contest between North and South Halls involving several events (e.g. pool, foosball, debating), many of which serve as trials for the Ruth Wheen Cup selection
  • Regular cultural and sporting events to allow those with particular talents to shine
Goldstein Social

The product of these events (among many, many others) is a sense of cohesion and a spirit of community.