Goldstein College

Goldstein College, opened in 1964, was named after Philip Goldstein who made a £40,000 donation towards the building of the College and Goldstein Dining Hall. It housed 74 student residents and 4 resident academic staff. The former site of Goldstein had 2 buildings, the North Hall and South Hall; separated by a courtyard with several picnic tables and bounded by large fig trees.

It had been the smallest of the three colleges and this led to a very close knit community where no resident is more than a degree or two of separation from another. As with the other colleges the nuances of the buildings were exploited as a benefit by the residents with the North and South Halls playing off against each other for the Goldstein Cup. Residents are called on to compete in events that are often used as 'trials' for the Ruth Wheen Cup. Goldstein has a fine record of winning the Cup in recent times.

There are numerous social nights that Goldstein hosts, including dress-up and theme nights, Jam nights - for the musically inclined and also the annual Goldstein Ball which tends to bring back some of the past residents to celebrate in the colleges successes through the year.