The Goldstein Dining Hall was designed by E. H. Farmer and won the Sulman Award for architecture in 1965. It is the centre piece of the three colleges and has on numerous occasions been likened to Hogwarts in part due to its long rows of wooden tables and cavernous interior. It is a meeting point for many collegians during their busy days and many an intellectual and not so intellectual discussion takes place there. TKC has had a focus on ensuring that not only a quality meal is provided there but also a healthy meal. Included in the price of accommodation residents are provided with all meals during session time.

The dining hall provides three meals a day Monday to Friday, and brunch and dinner on the weekends during semester times. There is a salad bar available at every meal and also a selection of refreshments.

Residents are also expected to attend specially catered formal functions each session as part of the Colleges' social calendar. Access to these fabulous services means that residents are not required to worry about some of their day to day doldrums and have more time to concentrate on their studies.