The best aspect of living in Basser College is the experience of being a member of a student community. It adds indirect educational value to the formal instruction provided by the University.

Perhaps the best way to gain an appreciation of this 'education for citizenship' is quickly to review the College year.

Basser Social
  • The Basser year begins late in February with O Week. Eight 'seniors' introduce the 'freshers' to the College, the University and Sydney. O Week is a lot of fun, but it also gets our new students ready for what is to come in the weeks ahead. When the other 'seniors' arrive towards the end of O Week a new community rapidly forms. Common interests are established and new friendships made. By the end of the week the isolation, uncertainty and anxieties natural for 'freshers' to feel have been overcome.
  • At the end of week two elections for the remaining positions on the House Committee are held. The House President, Secretary, and Treasurer, together with the Sports, Social and Alumni Directors will have been chosen at the end of the previous year. But numerous positions remain to be filled, and 'freshers' are encouraged to stand for election. Here is an opportunity to gain experience in leadership, management, organization, negotiation, and many of the other skills that will be required in a career.
Basser Social
  • Once the House Committee has been chosen it runs the residential program for the rest of the year. There is always a lot to do; sport, inter-college competitions, debating, and various cultural activities, while the Social Directors organize events for when residents are ready to take a break. The emphasis is on finding a balance between work and recreation.
  • Highlights of the year include the Commencement Dinners at the beginning of the two semesters, the many-sided Ruth Wheen Cup competition, 'Enchanted Evening', the 'International Trivia' competition, the Alumni Harbour Cruise and the annual ball.
  • The College year ends with the Valedictory Dinner. The Valedictory Dinner marks the beginning of STUVAC and the examination period. This time brings to their conclusion the studies that have been conducted throughout the year as the first priority and basis of College life.