Giving to Scholarships

UNSW is committed to providing a high standard of education to students from all backgrounds.

Moving from home, particularly from overseas, to Sydney and a university of 45,000 students can be a daunting prospect. Students are often a long way from their own family in a very new and challenging environment.

Students from low income households can find these challenges particularly acute. Membership of a college community is very beneficial to these students in providing a strong support network and a sense of belonging. To enable these students to come to UNSW, and flourish whilst they are here, we would like to offer a number of full and part accommodation scholarships for The Kensington Colleges. Up to 10 rooms in each College will be set aside for this scholarship program. We hop to raised $250,000 for each full scholarship with others available for smaller donations:

  • Full Scholarship for 20 years - $250,000
  • Half Scholarship for 20 years - $125,000
  • Full Scholarship for 10 years - $125,000
  • Half Scholarship for 10 years - $70,000

  • Scholarships can be funded by individuals or groups, such as a country or a year group. A scholarship room will be allocated and named in recognition of a donor's or donor group's generosity.