About TKC

Our Vision

To be the principal residential colleges at UNSW, of the highest standards and quality, and commanding the esteem of the University and the wider community as an inclusive and inspirational community of scholars that fosters the pursuit of all-round excellence.

Our Mission

The Kensington Colleges are open to all members of and visitors to UNSW. We aim to provide a comfortable, safe and secure residential environment that is characterised by mutual respect and co-operation. In promoting scholarly achievement, collaboration and consultation in decision-making, and a range of communal activities, The Kensington Colleges endeavour to provide an enhanced university experience for all residents.

Our Values

We value - our appreciation of and respect for diversity and inclusiveness; respect for ethical practice and social responsibility, including consideration for the rights and needs of others; the pursuit of excellence in scholarly work and in the development of interests, talents and abilities of all kinds; our history and our position as an integral part of UNSW; our international membership and links; the opportunities of friendship, support and recognition, and the enjoyment that College life affords; a sense of security and pride in belonging to The Kensington Colleges.