How to Apply

Selection Criteria

Offers for residency are based on information obtained from the application, and entry to UNSW. Interviews are required for all three colleges. Early applications are encouraged, even before your high school or university results are finalised.

The Colleges seek to replicate the considerable diversity of the student population of UNSW, with residents from a range of courses and programs and a variety of social and cultural backgrounds. In addition, particular needs for on-campus accommodation, such as difficulty or distance of travel from the student's home to the University, are important considerations when offering places. For this reason, priority is normally given to international, interstate and country students before local metropolitan students.

As The Kensington Colleges cannot accommodate all applicants you need to consider all available accommodation options.

Closing Date for Applications

There is no closing date. Applications are considered until the Colleges are full.

The Colleges do not advise applicants of the status of their application until we are in a position to make an offer. Please be advised that we only email you on the progress of your application if you are successful. Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified.

Applications for Semester 1, 2016

Accepting applications for Semester 1, 2016 for all UNSW Colleges now. Go to the UNSW Residential Communities online Applications Portal -

Ongoing applications for 2015

For students seeking accommodation for the remainder of 2015, please call the UNSW Residential Communities office directly

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